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Yes good people we are recruiting.  The key there being good people.  Quite simply we don't want asshats.  Basically recruitment is done by an interview with me, Aralis.  This is one leadership role I keep a very firm grasp on.  However there are some absolute requirements.

1)  You must be mature in manner at least.  We will take youngsters, we will take any age.  But not people who act like babies.

2)  You must understand what Imperial Dreams is and share our goals.

3)  You must be planning to join for life.  And you must be joining with all the characters you ever have.  If you're with us you're with us totally.

4)  You must be able to use voice comms and get on as normal when playing.  Obviously there may be times you can't for one reason or another.  But comms must be your standard.  And you must have a headset - and always use it.

5)  A lot of the usual recruitment rules other groups have do not apply.  You can be a total newbie.  You can be a dedicated pvper or a carebear.

Obviously you would have questions before joining us, and I'll have questions for you.  This is simply a basic FAQ to keep things simple.

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