In this post, I explain how your race, age, and mixed ancestry determine your attributes in Mortal Online. Although some attributes might change, the base mechanics of the races will probably be the same in Mortal Online 2.

In the first table, you can see which modifiers to your attributes are caused by your selected age. This table is the same for all clades and cultures within this clade.

In the second table, you see the base attributes for an 18-year-old individual of pure blood ancestry.

Now with all that data available, you can combine this data into the final result.

  • The first step is to select your age, find out the modifiers, and write them down.
  • Now you can choose your ancestry. As a Human, you can select 4 grandparents. As an Oghmir or Alvarin, you can pick 2 cultures as your parent ancestries. Lastly, if you are a Thursar both of your Riisar grandparents are preselected. But you can choose to select 2 cultures for both of your human grandparents.
  • In the next step, you go through the attributes of your ancestors, add them up and divide them by the count of your ancestors (4 for humans, 2 for the rest). Don’t worry they are all dividable by these numbers and will result in whole numbers.
  • The Last step is to add the age value for the attributes to the numbers you computed in the last step.

If that all sounded too confusing why don’t you try out the ready-made character calculator?

And what about the lore of the races. If that’s your thing go read up on the Mortal Online 2 race descriptions.

Races Aging

This table shows the effects of aging on any character in Mortal Online (Disclaimer based on Mortal 1 Data)

Attributes From Age

Races Attributes and Stats

This table is about the Attributes and Stats of the Races (Disclaimer based on Mo1 Data)

Stats by Race
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