This is the start of a series about Book Vendors and their Locations as well as books sold. It is based on Mortal 1 data, but I will do my best to update it once more recent data becomes available about the animist.

The Animist is an expert in the field of Fauna, Flora, and harnessing their powers. Whether you want to extract expensive plant materials or tame and master dangerous beasts, this scholar has the right books for you.

Animist Locations

The animist can be found in the Jungle Camp, which is historically the only place in the jungle that has a bank in it. Mind you though at the time of writing (7.12.2020) the jungle is walled off and probably under construction.

Another location where you can find an animist is Toxai, an encampment close to the mighty city of Morin-Khur. To my knowledge that place is also not done yet.

And the last animist used to reside in Tindrem itself. Unfortunately, I forgot which city district he made his home. You might have already guessed it, Tindrem is not in the game yet either.

Animist Books

This is a list of the books sold by the animist book vendor. It lists the name of the book and the price in gold.

Mortal Online – Animist Books

I have also other pertaining information. For one the full skill list for profession skills. Another interesting post is the list of all primary skills, so you can plan your next Mortal Online 2 character with confidence!

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