A list of all Primary Skills – Combat and Profession Skills.

It lists also prerequisites that are secondary for decision-making in book reading strategy. In the “Prerequisite for” Column, it will list only primaries. Even if they are not technically direct descendants of the node, but conceptually correct, since their ancestor is a secondary.

Some skills I could not find any information about, because they were implemented after my time. These are some Archery and Magical Skills as well as some new crafting skills like Tinkering. So I could use some help if anyone has pertaining Information.

Primary Skills – Combat / Action

A list of all combat and action primaries.

Action Skills

Primary Skills – Profession Skills

A list of all the Profession skills Primaries

Profession Skills

Heads Up!

If you also want to know which secondary skills are in the game, check out the full profession skill list.

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