Another new patch from Starvault. This time we get a few but very impactful features. With Morin Khur we get to visit the second biggest city after Tindrem. And wow it’s beautiful and impressive. Guards finally start patrolling the hamlets, roads, and cities. Going by their banter they really dislike us. But check them out yourselves.


  • Added Morin Khur as a starting location.
  • Added new map area around Morin Khur.
  • Added aggressive AI.
  • Added defensive AI.
  • Added guard AI.
  • Bow aim method added as option in settings. (aim with crosshair or arrow tip)
  • Built new chat bubbles used by AI to communicate.
  • Added Guards to cities.
  • Added bandits to the wilderness.
  • AI can now carry and use shields .
  • AI can now carry and use bows.
  • AI can now carry and use melee weapons.


  • Charged attacks can now be released before reaching the end of the charge animation.
  • Increased pitch sensitivity in click-drag.
  • Updated weather.
  • Updated environment sounds.
  • Landscape optimization. (Textures, gaps, collision issues etc.)
  • Major optimization work on all UI.
  • CPU bottleneck in the UI fixed, resulting in better game performance. (Please try using DX12 again if you have been using DX11 for performance reasons.)


  • Charge attacks can now be released before reaching the end of the charge animation.
  • Fixed bug where death and resurrect sequences would not play camera animation.
  • Fixed issues with time sync .
  • Moving AI should now more correctly follow the ground instead of hovering.
  • Nation Standings now change correctly depending on your race.
  • Nation Standings min max is now correctly calculated.
  • Nation Standing names update to better reflect the current standing .
  • Fixed a rare chat crash .
  • Fixed rare server crash .
  • Fixed issue where server could desync the time and cause major issues for all AI.
  • Fixed issue with AI seeing dead players .
  • Improved AI leash when too far away from spawner.

Known issues:

  • Logging in when dead will display equipment on self.
  • Logging in while dead and resurrecting will cause sounds to not play. (Relog once again to fix.)
  • Some static NPC’s float slightly above the ground.
  • Guards and bandits do not always enter mercy mode correctly.
  • Ai has some pathing issues being worked on. (Not always taking the shortest straight path)
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