Are you actually playing the game?

Yes, I am currently playing on the standard Donation Package in the game. I am going by the name of Kardaka.

If you want to join the alpha/beta too, head over to the Mortal Online 2 website and see their offerings.

What Clan or Guild do you play with?

I am a member of Imperial Dreams. We aspire to be a group of civilization builders.

Have you played Mortal Online 1 before?

Yes, I did and enjoyed it a lot. I hope that Mortal Online 2 can improve and address the shortcomings in the first part. And yes, I have been playing in the same guild, in case you wonder.

Do you tell us everything, you know about the game?

Superiority by obscurity is not benefiting the greater audience of this wonderful game. Especially when it comes to figuring out the core mechanics of the game as in crafting, exploration, and combat.

But certain things only your character should know, like special knowledge about the terrain in your vicinity and secret knowledge, are worth to be experienced by oneself.