Natorus in Morin Khur
Natorus in Morin Khur

Ore Extraction is a complex topic in Mortal Online 2. There is a vast amount of catalysts, Extraction devices, and materials. Because of this, it is hard to understand where to start. As a result, it is very likely to waste hard-earned resources by making the wrong decision in extraction. That is why I created this Ore Extraction Calculator for you.

Read this before you extract!

But before you actually start to extract there is a few steps that you should take.

Make sure to check the ore extraction calculator for the best suitable device to operate on your material.

Look at the skills needed and read all the books for it to the end.

Assuming you did some gathering while you were reading books, you should have a good amount of material banked. When you take them out for your first extraction be mindful of hostile players around!
And think about a backup plan beforehand in case you are getting attacked.



Basic Ore Extraction

Here you see which ore extraction devices are feasible for extracting basic ores.

Basic Ore Extraction – Diagram

Intermediate Ore Extraction

Get ready to scroll. Lots of subject matter to cover

Intermediate Ore Extraction – Diagram

Advanced Ore Extraction

Welcome to the next diagram desert. You almost made it through.

Advanced Ore Extraction – Diagram


Here we take a look at the final step of Extraction. Making Alloys out of Metal, Minerals and Powders.

Iron Based Alloys

Iron Based Alloys – Diagram

Copper Based Alloys

Copper Based Alloys – Diagram

Advanced Alloys

Advanced Alloys – Diagram

Master Alloys

Master Alloys – Diagram